Chat with Christy Dena

Today, I hosted a Google Hangout with Christy Dena. This was my first “On Air” Hangout, so it’s a bit rough around the edges. Despite the flaws, we had a great chat, and some of my students were able to join us for Q&A. You can watch the video HERE.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, and I hope you will consider pledging to fund Dena’s AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS: they have less than 30 hours left to meet their goal.

Autumn Harvest: Tales 2.3 – “Frost” (pt.1)


Part one of “Frost” returns to the story of Isa, Bess, and Ja, from the “Mound” story arc (Season 1 of Tales). We open to find our loving couple triad at play on a snowy winter’s day:

“Two figures, their forms abstracted by rough and heavy winter wear, rolled in the snow. Mittened hands clenched coated backs, and legs several layers deep in stockings and leather trousers twined together. If there had been any onlookers, they might have thought the scene a strange parody of lovemaking, rather than the thing itself.”

Want more? The entire episode is available in text and audio at Big World Network.

Autumn Harvest: Tales 2.2 – “Deep”

Since I’ve fallen behind on posting about new Episodes of the current season of Tales, I’m just going to post one teaser a day until I catch up.

“Deep” will be of interest to anyone who was wanted to know more about the Dwarves after Tales Season 1, Episode 2, where Vivus met Kaenath the Dwarf.

Here’s your preview:

“Deep under the soil, in the veins of granite and flint, and through the flows of basalt, there is life and activity. Precise and well-maintained tunnels connect mineral deposits to great domed chambers, some natural and improved-upon, others entirely artificial. There are forges in the depths, where simple tools and finely machined parts alike are created in the ruby glow of raw magma.

Everywhere else in those tunnels and chambers it is dark. Darker than night, as dark as the fabled first night between the ending of the world and it’s beginning. Those who live and work, create and play, at the roots of the earth, remember light but need it not.”

Want more? The entire episode is available in text and audio at Big World Network.

Chat with Christy Dena

This Wed., I’ll be in a Google “On Air” Hangout chatting with Christy Dena. Yeah, that Christy Dena. We’ll be talking about transmedia design, the writer’s craft, and probably also about crowdsourced funding, as her new project, AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS is currently fighting it’s way toward it’s goal with less than three days left on the clock.

The Hangout itself is only for my students, but I’ll post a link to the video here afterwards.

5 minutes ago

“We have to have somewhere to call home” the yellow text read. The rest of the screen was ominously blank.

It took me a moment to remember that my toddler had been watching a children’s show on my tablet. Strange show.

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop (pt. 1)

Welcome to my little corner of the web… I’m guessing most of you who are new here today came by way of the Cosmic Wordgineer Tom Lucas. If not, you really should go check him out.

I’m a transmedia writer – surf around the page and you’ll find Autumn Harvest, my Fantasy Romance (or Romantic Erotica) serial novel / webseries, as well as The Unconventional, a series of Roleplaying books I’m editing, and a few works of Interactive Fiction created in Twine.

I’ve always been a strange one. You’ll find everything on this blog from illustrated microfiction to magical rituals. Check back next week for a Q&A about me and my work, and for links to five more people you might be into.

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Cybersilk, pt. 3

It’s been a while since I posted links…

“Staying at home with the kids isn’t empowering. Being able to decide for yourself whether you want to stay home with the kids is empowering.” – Ozy Frantz on Choice Feminism

Ever wanted to see just how inequality operates in the United States? Here’s a map.

An interesting theory about the pathologization of dissent: “Some activists lament how few anti-authoritarians there appear to be in the United States. […] many natural anti-authoritarians are now psychopathologized and medicated”

A very cute commentary on body acceptance.

Alicorn theory.

And, last but not least, some things to avoid if you’re writing romance (or erotica).