Unhappy Tools, redux

I’ve been wondering if I should put together this post for some time. It’s been exhausting, and I don’t expect it will have much impact.

Back in December, before I wrote Unhappy Tools, I was trying In trying to figure out the real risks and rewards of gun ownership. At that point I was stymied by the fact that there has been virtually no new research since 1995, when the NRA pushed an attempt to completely defund the CDC over alleged bias. This came shortly after CDC-funded reports were released indicating that gun ownership made a person significantly less safe, and specifically in the wake of one partially CDC-funded nonprofit advocating increased gun control in it’s newsletter.

The end result was a defunding of gun violence research, and a specific ban on “advocating or promoting” gun control. Afraid that any conclusion that associated gun ownership with gun violence would be found to be in violation of this ban, no money was forthcoming for this research and researchers moved on to topics they could get grants for.
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