Autumn Harvest: Delta

“Fisherman, I owe you a boon,” she said, her voice high but melodic, with that strange undulation like the tide. “What would you ask of me?”

The fisherman paused for a long time before answering.

“It is enough to have been of assistance to a great one such as yourself,” he replied. “I require nothing.”

“Surely there must be something you…” the mermaid paused and drew in breath, causing her gills to flare and her chest to heave, “want.”

The fisherman felt a little less old as things stirred in the back of his mind and in his loins, but he replied cautiously, “My joints ache and my wants are simple. A good day’s catch with little strain is all I hope for.”

The mermaid’s eye’s gleamed as she spoke, “Then you shall have it.”

"Please, good fisher, do not leave me here. I grow dry."

Art by Becca Schauer

“Delta” is an erotically-charged fantasy romance story, my take on the “magic fish” fable in an eastern setting inspired by Daoist folklore. You can listen to or read it for free on Big World Network, along with other short stories set in the world of Autumn Harvest and the complete Autumn Harvest: Maiden.

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Out-Of-Context Comics Panel: Time for Tea

So, now that I have two lovely children, the younger of which is almost seven weeks old, it’s time to start blogging again.

I don’t want to pull a pull a hyperlink or twist my domain name, so we’re starting easy, with an Out-Of-Context Comics Panel. It’s from Noelle Stevenson’s brilliant Nimona. If you’re not reading Nimona, start now: Stevenson is working on the final chapter of the story.

This is a story where mad scientists, shape-shifting monsters, brooding villains, and extremely poncy knights are deeply lovable characters. It’s perfect. There were other panels I wanted to show, but most of them were too spoiler-y.

In any case, there’s always time for tea.