Station Games (NSFW)

This is a bit of erotic flash fiction I wrote for a website’s challenge (250 words, M/M or F/F) but I then missed the deadline. So, I present it here, along with a rather silly illustration. Again, this is NSFW.

Station Games

The blast from Zmi’s last cluster bomb toppled the towering crab-like biomech. It smashed open on the station bulkhead, spilling-neon green ooze everywhere.

One life-sign in the wreckage. Zmi crossed the distance in a single nanomuscle-enhanced leap, ready to go hand-to-hand with the architect of this deathmaze.

A woman with tentacles as well as slender arms and long legs rose out of the ooze. Stark naked, her cerulean skin contrasted with the viridian slime that still clung to her curves.

She smiled at Zmi, showing off a forked tongue.

“So,” said the sky-colored woman, “did you enjoy it?”

“Yeah.” Zmi felt herself blush. “Betty, you are the best at foreplay.”

“Am I? Tell me what you liked the most.”  Betty leaned in close and began unzipping  Zmi’s jumpsuit.

“This abandoned station…” Zmi shivered as Betty’s tentacles embraced her.

“And the fake distress call on mmmm…” she cut off as Betty’s mouth met her own.

“Haah… the traps…” Zmi melted into Betty’s embrace, rocking against Betty’s hand when it slid into her panties.

“You’re dripping wet,” Betty whispered in Zmi’s ear.

“Uhh… and hard…” Zmi agreed. “Speaking…  of hard, those exploding croco-spider things were… ohhh my godddd!”

Betty’s tongue was all over Zmi’s clit, and one of her tentacles was inside her as she came.

Later, Zmi returned the favor, making Betty’s toes blush and her tentacles curl. As they spooned in the afterglow, Zmi whispered “Next vacation’s your choice.”

“In that case,” Betty replied, “we’re going to a spa.”


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