Strangest Wednesdays: SCOTUS? Scot you, buddy!

So, “Strangest Wednesdays” will be for posts about the magic, gender/queer culture, media occultism, Lovecraftiana, surreal fiction, and the surpassing surreality of the “real” world. Oh, and anything else I feel like.

Today, the Supreme Court delivered a vindication to people who believe that queers are human beings, and while everyone’s talking about gay marriage and the fall of DOMA, the really important thing here is equality under the law. That precedent should have a lasting impact on many other issues, including those of the queer communities who may be feeling marginalized today (trans*, bi/pan, etc.).

Note the “should” – it will take a lot of work and activism to make today’s gains count for all.s

Progress can be rolled back: we saw that from the same Supreme Court just yesterday, when they invalidated Article 4 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. This decision reflects the will of mainstream America to believe that we’ve “fixed” the issue of racism. No, no we haven’t.

So, what’s a progressive to do? In the words of the late Paul Wellstone, “keep fighting, keep marching”. That’s what Wendy Davis did last night. Oh, and laugh. Laugh whenever you can.

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