CGIF: Chat with Joe McDonagh, Agricola Review, & Mock Girl

This is intended to be the first in a series of “Comics & Games: It’s Friday!” posts on, well, comics (books, strips, graphic novels, manga, webcomics, etc.) and games (board, card, roleplaying, and of course videogames).

Of course, I reserve the right to alter the meaning of CGIF as I see fit and without warning or sanity, so if you get a week of “Computer Graphics & Interactive Fiction”, “CGIF Gives Itself Fits”, or “But That Doesn’t Work as an Acronym At All!”, you will have only me to blame.

It’s been a busy week. Tuesday night, I had a great chat with Joe McDonagh, lead writer and level designer for Card Hunter and a couple of my students:

If you haven’t requested a Card Hunter beta key yet, do yourself a favor and sign up!

On the mobile gaming front, my review of Agricola for iOS is now up at Touch Arcade.

Here’s your out-of-context comics panel:

That’s Terra Snover’s Mock Girl, giving a nod to Terry Pratchett. Not something I’d expected from a webcomic about transgender issues and the mob. Check it out and consider donating: proceeds go to help the creator afford reassignment surgery.

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