Ghost Pepper Mondays: Buxom Edition

For everyone who is as tired as I am of anti-gravity breasts that look more like coconut shells than mammaries, MeganHetrick has a visual tutorial on “How to Draw Boobies!” (fair warning: the comparative images are all based on “the steriotypical ‘superhero’ chest”)

Looking for something a bit more… zaftig? Comfortable is sexy, as Duane Bryers’ classic series of pinups featuring a buxom redhead named “Hilda” in full-length PJs illustrates. I think the best one is her sitting in a rocking chair soaking her feet.

Rose Caraway’s audio erotica podcast, “The Kiss Me Quick’s” is always good for steaming up a pair of earbuds, and, in case you missed it, smut writers, she’s taking submissions for “The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica” until the 1st of August.

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