Strangest Wednesdays: Queer Space-baby Unethical Coffee Drinking

Massive kudos to wesley for these illustrations that shatter the lie that only straight people can have babies. Leaving aside all of the issues of in-vitro fertilization, donation/surrogacy, and adoption, there are a lot of queer couples who can reproduce “the old fashioned way”.

Science! NASA has solved the greatest challenge facing long-term spaceflight by inventing the microgravity coffee cup.

Did you know that the Department of Defense regularly updates a book called The Encyclopedia of Ethical FailureThis book (Word .doc) is a catalogue of true stories of government employees, contractors, and other people who really messed up and got caught. Some of these are dull, but others have titles like “Fraud, Conspiracy, and Bribery… Oh My!” Go download it now, so you can at least pretend you read it.

And a moment of synchronicity: on Monday, I was talking about how awesome Jess Fink’s Chester 5000 is, and now it’s on sale, along with a lot of other great books from Top Shelf (complete list).

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