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Comics & Games: It’s Friday!

I’ve talked a lot about comics this week, so today I’ll focus on games. Pixel games.

The amazing Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP was recently on sale for free as part of the 5th Anniversary of the Apple App store event. If you didn’t get it then, don’t worry: it’s more than worth your $5, unless you hate games, pixel art, kickass female protagonists, good music, and life. That reminds me: Dick Cheney, stop reading my blog. There’s nothing for you here.

Ahem. You can also pick up the WIndows, Max, Linux and Android versions of S:S&S EP along with eleven albums by Jim Guthrie and Indie Game: The MovieĀ by beating the average on this week’sĀ Humble Sale.

Not to be outdone, the superlatively silly short-skit comedy adventure game McPixel is also on sale. It’s funnier than mustard on a stick of ACME-brand cartoon dynamite.

Looking for the next big thing in pixel art mobile games? Well, indie compo darling Gods Will Be Watching by Spanish Studio Deconstructeam just got Kickstarted, and I’m all for it. Anything I can do to help a game studio with a Derridean name.
Alternatively, if you’re dying of anticipation for Julian Gollup’s Chaos Reborn, you can show your loyalty to the ZX Spectrum original with one of these fine t-shirts. (If you’re as impatient as I am, you might want to pick up Elite System’s port of the original for iOS, and of course there are clones of Chaos on the web).

If all this talk about pixel-art games has left you wanting to create some of your own, you can get Pyxel Edit (multiplatform with Adobe Air) for free. It’s the best pixel editor since Spooky Sprites.

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