Ghost Pepper Mondays: Queersex


show me your pronouns and I’ll show you mine
slip your language into my mouth,
your words caress the lobes and ridges of my ears

we can wall ourselves up in here,
build a pleasure dome of wine and caresses
deny their world its determination

out there, the what and how strip off our skins
flense us, flay us, compress us our bodies
press us into their spiked molds

so bind my hands but not my grasp
gag my mouth but free my tongue
unfold your sex into mine

In the enlightened sexuality department, here’s Erika Moen’s webcomic Oh Joy Sex Toy (NSFW), covering queer porn series The Crash Pad (extremely NSFW).

I’ve just started in on Orange is the New Black and it’s worth subscribing to Netflix just to watch it. From the so-wrong so-right Alex to the gloriously trans* Sophia, this show is all about interesting, credible difficult women. To quote from that last link “Fuck off, Don Draper, Walter White, Tony Soprano, et al. The age of the male antihero is over.”

One more link today, via the incomparable Molly Kiely: 10 Things I Would Like to Do with You in the Woods.

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