Ghost Pepper Mondays: The “End” of Men

Today’s theme is the male posterior.

To get things going, here is a lovely quote about the making of Rocky Horror that has nothing to do with Tim Curry’s sweet cheeks, but originates on a blog dedicated to that talented actor’s ass.

Here’s a tender and intimate comic about pegging, and a cogent argument from sex educator Charlie Glickman about why more (straight) men should be open to anal and prostate play.

Topping and bottoming are entirely separable from dominance and submission, as these two submissive women point out.

If all that heterosexuality is starting to get to you, help is on the way: check out boylesque troupe Mod Carousel. No, wait, that’s also straight, kinda. But it is important: here’s why. Seriously, anything that fights rape culture gets space on my blog.

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