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What was that about a giveaway? Don’t worry, I’ll get there. If you’re impatient, you can scroll to the bottom of this post.

On the games education front, you can now see my first foray into making a video tutorial on using Twine. In a live Google Hangout session,  I set up and tweak a scene of branching dialogue. The scenario is simple in the extreme: an old-school interaction with a shopkeeper (for a larger game). One of the largely-ignored potentials of Twine is that it is a great way to plot narrative branches and write branching dialogue without committing to a particular commercial platform (viz, great for students). This video is about half an hour long and unedited. At some point, I’ll create a more concise version of the same.

I also wrote a strategy guide for the iOS version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. That will probably be my last article for Touch Arcade for a while: too many things going, have to prioritize.

Comics links!

What do you think the best part of Batman’s day is?

This one goes out to my Bronies: if you haven’t read Dana Simpson’s comic strip Heavenly Nostrils, go check it out now. It’s about a girl and a unicorn who become friends. It’s cute, it’s smart, and it contains the occasional FiM reference:


Free Stuff!

So, here’s the giveaway: I’ve been really into Card Hunter because the gameplay reminds me of Wiz-War (one of Magic’s ancestors) while the art and writing are a loving parody of AD&D. I just got a  couple of beta invite codes, and I’m going to give them away.

The first person who comments on this post gets one, and if I get at least half a dozen comments, I’ll give the second code away to one of those people at random. We’ll see if that happens: I haven’t had many comments so far.

Make sure I can contact you (email, twitter, link to your blog, whatever). If I can’t figure out how to send you your code, I’ll send it to someone else.

Oh, and here’s an awesome freebie for everyone (not comics or games, but it is science fiction, so it counts): Tor books is giving away an ebook version of all of the fiction (one shot and serial) that they’ve run on over the past five years.

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