Blue Dot

“Did you hear about Jorvik?”

“No, what did he do this time?”

“He showed up for fencing practice wearing lipstick.”

“Ha ha ha! He’s so crazy!”

“No, man, it was blue lipstick.”

“What? No way. Where’d he even get that?”

“And when they searched his room, they found a curved blade.”

“That’s not a big deal since Paladin 2: katanas are totally legit now, and you can even get a scimitar, if you can prove that one of your ancestors was a reformed member of an Evil cult.”

“Not just one curve. Back and forth.”

“Fuuuuuck… you mean… serpentine?”

“It was a fuckin’ kris, man.”

“Shit. Lord Stoutheart is really going to beat his ass.”

“Oh, it’s way beyond that. They’re handing him straight to the Inquisition.”

“But… they’ll kill him!”

“C’mon, bro – blue lipstick, a serpentine blade? It was only a matter of time before he put on the black spikes and set fire to an orphanage.”

“…I suppose so. It’s just hard to think that, all this time, Jorvik was one of them. He’s alway been so nice. Weird, but nice.”

“Hey, maybe the Inquisition can convert him. My dad told me they’ve come up with new treatments that they think are a cure.”

“Damn, man. I forget sometimes that your Dad’s Inquisition.”

“Whoa, bro. Watch it with the swearing. I’d be fuckin’ pissed if I had to turn you in.”

“Shit, I’m sorry.”

“I’m just messing with you. No one really cares about blasphemy any more. Just so long as I don’t see you with a blue dot on your forehead.”

“Ha ha! No way, man! My sword’s straight.”


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