The Next Big Thing Blog Hop (pt. 1)

Welcome to my little corner of the web… I’m guessing most of you who are new here today came by way of the Cosmic Wordgineer Tom Lucas. If not, you really should go check him out.

I’m a transmedia writer – surf around the page and you’ll find Autumn Harvest, my Fantasy Romance (or Romantic Erotica) serial novel / webseries, as well as The Unconventional, a series of Roleplaying books I’m editing, and a few works of Interactive Fiction created in Twine.

I’ve always been a strange one. You’ll find everything on this blog from illustrated microfiction to magical rituals. Check back next week for a Q&A about me and my work, and for links to five more people you might be into.

Want to be part of THE NEXT BIG THING BLOG HOP? Drop me a line!

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