Autumn Harvest: Tales 2.2 – “Deep”

Since I’ve fallen behind on posting about new Episodes of the current season of Tales, I’m just going to post one teaser a day until I catch up.

“Deep” will be of interest to anyone who was wanted to know more about the Dwarves after Tales Season 1, Episode 2, where Vivus met Kaenath the Dwarf.

Here’s your preview:

“Deep under the soil, in the veins of granite and flint, and through the flows of basalt, there is life and activity. Precise and well-maintained tunnels connect mineral deposits to great domed chambers, some natural and improved-upon, others entirely artificial. There are forges in the depths, where simple tools and finely machined parts alike are created in the ruby glow of raw magma.

Everywhere else in those tunnels and chambers it is dark. Darker than night, as dark as the fabled first night between the ending of the world and it’s beginning. Those who live and work, create and play, at the roots of the earth, remember light but need it not.”

Want more? The entire episode is available in text and audio at Big World Network.

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