Re-post: More Tentacles!

This image from “I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space” inspired me to post about Women with Tentacles and the Men who Love Them.

There’s a whole genre of erotica/porn (and, on extremely rare instances, romance) involving “tentacle monsters” (aliens, demons, kraken, etc.) and women. A lot of it is, sadly not sex-positive xenophilia but rape fic (thus the disturbing phrase “tentacle rape”).

But what about *healthy* human/cephalopod relationships? Especially what about those where the human is male and the be-tentacled one is female

I’m one of the small handful of people who swooned at the Fred/Laliari pairing in Galaxy Quest… so when I discovered Humon’s (NSFW) Love and Tentacles, I was thrilled.

It’s a sweet series of vignettes and images depicting Tom, an average-joe mechanic, and Frida, a kind of alien called a “Tentacula.” While it’s NSFW, it’s not nearly as explicit as one might expect.

There’s some gender-bending involved, minimally in the association of masculine heterosexuality with activity, dominance, and penetration. It’s interesting to see just how quickly homophobia and especially transphobia crops up when those traits are called into question. Humon noted with disappointment that, while Frida *is* the female of her species, among her readers there were a lot of “men who not only lost all interest in Frida as soon as they found out she lacked “lady parts” but also thought less of Tom for it”.

Did you catch that? There were some people who followed this series, rooting for Tom as he caght hell for being “gay” from his backwards coworkers, but as soon as they found out that the (egg laying) Frida doesn’t have a vagina, they changed their tune and “thought less of” Tom.

This makes my head spin and my stomach churn.

On the plus side, it reminds me of one of the many ideas I have on my creative back-burner: “Uke of the Elder Gods” (“uke” is Japanese sexual slang for “bottom”). The idea is this: Lovecraft’s stories are full of male protagonists who are led around by their more-aggressive, more-taboo breaking close male friends. There’s never any overt homosexuality in the stories, but it just drips with potential (and ichor).

I’m imagining a series of stories in which the “submissive” Lovecraftian narrator is dragged around Arkham (&c) by his very dominant friend/crush, looking for shoggoths (&c). The aggressive friend never seems to find the proof he’s looking for, but when they get split up, the narrator keeps running into surprisingly amorous betentacled elder gods (&c).

The only problem is that I have a hard time seeing this story as properly consensual, and I don’t want to write non-con, let alone rape, fic. So, unless I figure out a way to square that circle, it stays on the back burner.

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