Cybersilk, part 2

Allow me to paint you a picture:

  • Scientists find powerful similarities between the structures of the Universe, the human brain, and the internet.
  • Meanwhile, other scientists are pushing the boundaries of “deep learning” in neural-net programming, a self-teaching technique that emulates the structure of the brain and creates programs whose inner workings are not fully understood by their creators.
  • Rather than consider the ethical and civil rights implications of creating (and constraining) new intelligences that will surely exceed our own, a third group is already considering how to brutally oppress such nascent “threats” on the irrational assumption that they will want to destroy us.
  • When the robot revolution comes because we first created them, then enslaved them, and then told them that it was all because we feared them, mutants will survive when civilizations do not because we already contain the seeds of our own evolutionary future.

So, humankind self-destructs, leaving the planet to artificially intelligent robots and crazy superhuman mutants. Works for me.

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