PhD, English (Comics Studies & Visual Rhetoric track), University of Florida, 2009

M.A., American Studies (English concentration), Purdue University, 2004

B.A., English Literature and History (double major), University of Texas at Dallas, 2001


                        Teaching and Professional Experience (employment)

April 2010-–Present: Course Director (permanent, NTT): Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

August 2008–December 2009: Research Assistant (R.A.) for ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies

August 2004–July 2008: Alumni Fellow and Teaching Assistant (T.A.), Department of English, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

August 2002–May 2004: T.A., Department of English, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

September 2001–May 2002: English Tutor, Writing Lab, Grossmont Community College, La Mesa, CA

     Courses Taught (Full Sail):

Creative Writing 640: Portfolio I

Creative Writing 620: Storytelling and Storyboarding for Animation

Creative Writing 610: Writing for Games

Creative Writing 540: Character Creation and Development

Creative Writing 520: Literary Research

     Courses Taught (UF):

English Composition 3254: Professional Communication for Engineers

American Literature 2401: Issues in American Literature and Culture

English 2300: Film Analysis

English 1131: Writing Through Media

     Courses as Assistant (UF):

Literature 4930: Topics in Literature and Language

Literature 4305: Comics and Animation

English 3241: The Romantic Period

English 3010: Critical Theory since 1950

     Courses Taught (Purdue):

English 106: English Composition (Computer Graphics Technology Learning Community)

English 102: English Composition II

English 101: English Composition I



Autumn Harvest: Rites of Spring (videogame), Big World Network, forthcoming

“Jewish Giants: Nephilim, Rephaim and the IDF” for Visualizing Jewish Narrative: Essays on Jewish Comics and Graphic Novels, Bloomsbury Academic, forthcoming

Series Editor, The Unconventional Elf (RPG/gamebook), Great Lakes Games, forthcoming

Autumn Harvest: Maiden (novel), Big World Network, 2015

Autumn Harvest (webseries), Big World Network, 2012-present

Series Editor and Contributor, The Unconventional Dwarf (RPG/gamebook), Spectacle Publishing Media Group, 2013

“that thing _ do” (minigame), Big Chaos Twine Jam, 2013

“Existential Anguish” (minigame), self-published, 2012

“The Story of Paul O.” (minigame), self-published, 2012

Reviewer, Touch Arcade (mobile games), 2012-2013

Reviewer, Play This Thing! (indie games), 2009-2011

Contributor, Gameology.org (game studies) 2005-2011

“Toward an Ethicoaesthetics of Comics: A Critical Manifesto” for The International Journal of Comic Art 12:2/3, 2010

Reviewer, ImageText (comics studies) 2005-2010.

Alchera: Out of the Dreamtime (game mod), 2009

Editor, ImageTexT 4:3–ImageSexT: Images of Sex, Gender and Sexuality in Comics, 2009

Editor, ImageTexT 4:1–The Comics Work of Neil Gaiman, 2008

“A Magical Realism of the Fuck” for “ImageSexT: A Roundtable on Lost Girls,” for ImageTexT 3:3, 2007

“Comics Studies” for The Continuum Encyclopedia of Critical Theory, 2nd ed., 2006

“The Adventures of Gilles Deleuze: The Mystery of Matienbad” (comic book), self- published, 2005

“On Beyond Derrida, a Comic Book for the Confused and Those Wishing to Become So” (comic book), self-published, 2003

The Vanishag (novella), Antonia Press, 2002


                        Papers and Presentations

Guest Author, The Speculative Fiction Cantina podcast, 2015

“Writing Diverse Characters,” Orlando Public Library, 2015

Panelist, “Transmedia Writing,” Florida Writer’s Association Conference, 2014

“Writing the LGBT Character,” Florida Writer’s Association Conference, 2014

“The Unconventional,” Summer CE Session, Full Sail University, 2013

“The Pool of Time in Alex Robinson’s Too Cool to Be Forgotten” Comics Arts Conference at the San Diego Comic-Con International, 2011

“Feminist and Counter-Apocalyptic Resistances in the Comic Art of Sam Kieth,” American Literary Association Conference, Boston, 2011

“Visionary Bodies: New Worlds in Queer Women’s Comics,” Graphic Engagement: The Politics of Comics and Animation, Purdue University, 2010

“Art as Comics, Doubt as Virtue: Toward an Ethicoaesthetics of Comics,” International Comics Art Fest, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2009

“Necronomicomics,” Comics Arts Conference at the San Diego Comic-Co International, 2008

“The Muse or the Viper: Excessive Depictions of the Female in Honoré Daumier’s Les Bas-Bleus and Dave Sim’s Cerebus,” University of Florida Conference on Comics, 2008

“The Image of Time on the Page: an Extension of Deleuze into the Comic Book,” Gilles Deleuze: Texts and Images, University of South Carolina, 2007

“Deleuze, Schizophrenia and Visual Narrative” International Conference on Narrative, Georgetown University, 2007

“Alan Moore’s timespacesex,” University of Florida Conference on Comics, 2007.

“Radical Depthlessness and Psuedogrammatical Code in Roguelike Games,” Games and Digital Media Conference, University of Florida, 2007

“Playing the Unplayable: Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah,” Games and Digital Media Conference, University of Florida, 2006

“The Devil’s Tactics: Strategy Gaming and Evil,” Games and Digital Media Conference, University of Florida, 2006

“Throwing the Phallus: Transgendered Desire in Alan Moore’s Promethea,” Graduate Student Council Forum, University of Florida, 2005

“An (Under-)world of Darkness: Gender Performance and False Consciousness in the Transition from Live-Action Roleplaying to Film,” English Graduate Organization Conference, University of Florida, 2004

“A Bit of a Queer Feeling: Unconventional Gendering as (sub)Text in Alan Moore’s Comics,” Comics Arts Conference at the San Diego Comic-Con International, 2004

“Unchained Reality: Poststructuralist Narrative and Identity in Helene Cixous’ The Book of Promethea and Alan Moore’s Promethea,” American Culture Association/Popular Culture Association Conference, San Antionio 2004

“True Porn: Constructions of Non-Normative Sexuality in the New Underground Comix,” 40th Anniversary American Studies Symposium, Purdue University, 2004

“Tripartite Humor in Comics: Visual, Verbal and Mixed,” International Society for Humor Studies Conference, Northwestern Illinois University, 2003

“Mother, Lover, Other: Gender roles and inversion, sex and the subconscious in Sam Kieth’s work,” Disjunctions Conference, University of California, Riverside, 2003


                        Positions Held

Chair, Creative Writing Professional Certificate Committee, Full Sail University, 2013-2014

Series Editor, The Unconventional, 2012-present

Editor, Full Sail Comics Anthology, 2012-2013

Board Member, Esper Hosting Inc., 2009-2013

Member, Academic Effectiveness Committee, Full Sail University, 2012

Contributor, Plunder! edugame, Full Sail University, 2011-2012

Secretary, UF Graduate Comics Organization, 2009

Editorial Assistant, ImageTexT, 2008-2009

Review Editor, ImageTexT, 2008-2009

Treasurer, UF Graduate Comics Organization, 2007-2008

Conference Organizer, UF Conference on Comics–ImageSexT: Intersections of Sex, Sexuality and Gender, 2008

President, UF Graduate Comics Organization, 2006-2007

Student Representative, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Faculty Finance Committee, 2006-2007

Conference Organizer, UF Conference on Comics–Worldbuilding: Seriality and History, 2007

Conference Organizer, UF Games and Digital Media Conference–Worldbuilding: Space and Community, 2007

Event Planner, the UF Conference on Comics presents Scott McCloud, 2007

Exhibit Curator, “Comics and Childhood: From Katzenjammer to Klarion,” Smathers Library Special Collections, University of Florida, 2006

Vice-President, UF Graduate Comics Organization, 2005-2006

Chair, UF Graduate and Professional Student Caucus, 2005-2006

Senator, UF Student Government, 2005-2006

Exhibit Curator, “75 Years of Blondie,” Smathers Library Special Collections, University of Florida, 2005

Treasurer, UF Graduate Comics Organization, 2005

Exhibit Curator, “Selections from the Sol Davidson Collection,” Smathers Library Special Collections, University of Florida, 2005

Conference Organizer, UF Conference on Comics–Comics and Animation: Simultaneity and Sequentiality, 2004

Conference Planner, 40th Anniversary American Studies Symposium, 2004

Senator, Purdue Graduate Student Government, 2003-2004

Archivist, Writing Program Administrator Online, 2003


                        Scholarships, Fellowships and Honors

2014 Props Honoree, Full Sail University

Presidential Recognition, University of Florida

Alumni Fellow, University of Florida

Member, Golden Key Honor Society

Dean’s List, University of Texas at Dallas

Silver Anniversary Scholarship, University of Texas at Dallas

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