Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest is fantasy in both the Tolkeinesque and the sexual sense. At the same time, it is also socially realist and socially conscious, addressing issues of race, class, gender, and ability. Autumn Harvest is a transmedia project, consisting of two audio webseries read by the incomparable Tawn Krakowski  (also available in chapterbook format), and a forthcoming game, all available through Big World Network.

Autumn Harvest: Maiden is the main series (and centers on a M/F romance), while Autumn Harvest: Tales consists of short stories set in the world of Autumn Harvest, and includes queer and polyamorous themes and pairings, and Autumn Harvest: Rites of Spring, the forthcoming game, is sapphic in character.

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Autumn Harvest: Rites of Spring – COMING SOON

It is late in the age of Spring, and the fires of Summer have already been kindled. The compact between the Hidden Temple and it’s guardian spirits has stood for centuries, renewed by each new High Priestess, but is now in danger. You are a dark stranger, a woman from the south, driven from your home by famine: can you please each of the guardian dryads, renew the compact, and solve the mystery?


Autumn Harvest Webseries/Chapterbooks

The omens promise death if Yelen and Kaye consummate their passion, but their hearts, hands, and lips care nothing for prophecy.

Short tales of love and desire in the world of Autumn Harvest. 

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